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Abbie O'Rourke | Nutritionist/Owner
T 09 360 0008 |  M 022 153 7890 |  abbie@feelfreshnutrition.com

Abbie has a fun approach to nutrition and provides ongoing support and guidance as you easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle that improve your health and well-being.  Abbie also has a strong interest in developing nutritional strategies to help you lose weight, address health concerns, increase energy levels, or simply eat better. You'll achieve success through Abbieʼs knowledge and encouragement.

Abbie believes that good health is good for business and works with organisations to give their staff the tools they need to live and work as healthy, motivated people. Feel Fresh Nutrition delivers bespoke corporate wellness programs and seminars which deliver long term change specifically for your office needs. Interactive educational seminars encourage behaviour change and positive new habits. In time these habits form long term change. This has proven to be most effective when our participants receive specific nutritional strategies for both home and work.

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Danijela Unkovich | Nutritionist
T 09 360 0008 | danijela@feelfreshnutrition.com

Danijela is hugely passionate about educating others on the power that food, and positive lifestyle changes, can have in restoring vitality, energy and providing a healthier, more balanced life. She approaches nutrition on an individual level, taking into account not just a person’s health and wellness concerns, but also their budget, lifestyle and time constraints to create a tailored practical plan that will lead to sustainable long-term changes. While she can guide you to reach your health and wellness goals across any aspect of nutrition, she is particularly interested in digestive issues, weight management, emotional eating, family health, skin issues (i.e. acne), fatigue and the management of chronic conditions through nutritional therapy and positive lifestyle changes.

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Feel Fresh Nutrition Emily


Emily White | Nutritionist
T 09 360 0008  | emily@feelfreshnutrition.com

Nowadays it seems that everybody has a different opinion on nutrition which can make it incredibly confusing for someone. The biggest misconception about nutrition today is that if one diet works for one person, it will work for another. There is no one diet for everyone, just as there is no one diet for one person for life. Something that works for you one year may not work for you the next. Emily is passionate about finding what works best for the individual to ensure they can be at their best.

Empowered eating is something she finds incredibly important and above all, believes nutrition should come from a place of self-love and not hatred for the way you look. Only when you treat yourself with respect will the results come seamlessly. Emily has a holistic approach which is complemented by scientific research so you can take confidence in her advice. While Emily can address all areas of nutrition, she is passionate about mindful eating, weight loss, gut health and reproductive issues such as PCOS and endometriosis. 

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Feel Fresh Nutrition Phoebe


Phoebe Smith  |  Nutritionist
T 09 360 0008  |  Phoebe@feelfreshnutrition.com

Phoebe is truly passionate about all things to do with health and well-being which led her to complete her degree in Human Nutrition. As a nutritionist she aspires to educate and inspire people to make the right food and lifestyle choices to reach the happiest healthiest version of themselves. She takes on a very personalized approach for each individual ensuring the advice and guidance given focuses on their set goals, fits into their life style and budget and is sustainable in the long-term.

While Phoebe can address all areas of nutrition, she is particularly interested in gut health, weight management, stress and fatigue and men’s health. She is a strong believer that health begins in the gut in which there is a wealth of scientific evidence proving optimal gut health is critical for many functions within the body. Her interest in men’s health focuses on weight concerns, improving energy levels, improving cholesterol levels and easy healthy diet plans. With her nutrition knowledge and experience growing up with 4 brothers she has an understanding of health and diet challenges men face and how these should be addressed. 

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Matt Foreman  | Strength Conditioning & Clinical Nutritionist|    021 155 5625 |  Matt@feelfreshnutrition.com


Matt takes a well-rounded holistic approach to his clients training in that all aspects of their lifestyle should be taken into consideration. His scientific and holistic background in training and nutrition means he likes to find an approach that works best for his clients, but mainly an approach that is sustainable and can become a lifestyle. Matt is experienced in strength and conditioning, muscle growth, weight loss and many other aspects of training. He brings a young, fresh approach to your training and will find the best methods to maximise results for your goals.


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