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Tammy Hughes  |  Personal Trainer  |  M  0212020648  |  tammy@movementlab.co.nz

Tammy brings to MovementLAB a unique and exciting way of training; combining a range of mobility, strength and conditioning to each of her workouts. Her fresh, young approach is positively engaging and delivers a steady supply of energy and drive into every session. As an avid netball player and all-round sportsperson, Tammy can help you towards your personal goals and hone in on your sporting potential (and/or get you to the peak of your physical performance.)



Àlvaro Domínguez Barcala’s  |  Multidisciplinary Movement Specialist | M 021 027 96720  |  al@movementlab.co.nz 

Àlvaro, originally from Spain, from an early age explored sports, judo, athletics and swimming and by teenage-hood could not comprehend a life without movement at it’s core.

By university age he wanted to understand the basis of movement and its effects in people and so completed a 5 year Bachelor of Sport’s Science and Physical Education degree. At the same time he continued exploring different movement disciplines such as Acrobatics, Circus training and also qualified in Pilates, Gymnastics and TRX suspension training, with a Masters degree in Personal Training. He moved to New Zealand in 2010, and passionately coaches people in multidisciplinary movements, nutrition and lifestyle helping them to holistically SHIFT their fitness, wellness and physicality. Àlvaro can work with you one on one to help you SHIFT your life.



Jianni Felpas | Director movementLAB
Physiotherapist + Corrective & High Performance Exercise Specialist + Pilates Instructor
T 09 360 0008 |  M 021 542 664 |  jianni@movementlab.co.nz

Jianni's career spans over 20 years in the health & fitness industry. Working in almost every single facet of it in his long career. Over the past 15 years here in Auckland he has worked as a personal trainer specialising in both corrective and high performance exercise instruction. As a qualified Pilate instructor and physiotherapist Jianni has worked in several gyms, studios and clinics over the past 6 years since graduating from AUT as a physio. He is available for one on one training in both the gym and the Pilates studio. He is an ACC registered physiotherapist.

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