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Pilates Classes

We keep our classes small in so everyone can get the individual attention they need. 

We provide clinical Pilates rehabilitation and also offer one-on-one sessions at our Ponsonby studio for a more personalised approach to training.

Pilates Reformer  

Clients must have previous experience on the reformer or complete a one on one. Clients will combine their own body weight with spring resistance allowing for fluid movements that activate the core while training all areas of the body.


Reformer Foundations

This is the perfect class for those who are brand new to reformer or just starting out. Also perfect for those that want to work on their technique. Clients will learn how to combine their own bodyweight with spring resistance allowing for fluid movements.

Experienced and ACC registered physiotherapists, offering a range of treatments and rehabilitation protocols in both the clinic and pilates studio.

Our physios are highly qualified, hands-on, manual therapists that apply the latest evidence-based research to your management to maximise your recovery, including extracorporeal shockwave therapy for tendon injuries, tendinopathy and achilles tendinitis/tendinosus.

Administrative Team

movementLAB administrator Mandy Ho

We believe everybody should experience the joy to move and exercise, achieve their goals and feel amazing.

Mandy Ho

Practice Manager

Mandy has been working in the healthcare sector for the past 10 years. She moved from Dunedin to Auckland 3 years ago, and graduated from The University of Otago with a BA in Education.

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