Pilates Instructors 

We offer intimate Pilates reformer, and Pilates mat classes where the focus is where it needs to be. On you. One on one with a qualified Pilates Coach or Physio also available.

movementLAB Pilates Instructor Emma Hardistry

Emma Hardisty

Emma Hardisty is a BSc Hons Physiotherapist and Master Pilates instructor from the UK. She began her career as a professional dancer and choreographer at age 16 before completing her honours degree in Physiotherapy in 1996. Emma began doing Pilates to manage her own back injuries and was so impressed with the results she became a qualified Body Control Pilates Mat instructor in 2001.  Emma has a real passion for how Pilates and Physiotherapy combined can give optimal rehab results across all walks of life.


Kate Hanline

Kate recently returned to NZ from the UK, she completed her Pilates certification in New Zealand before moving to London where she was privy to an abundancy of exercise methods.

She enjoys challenging clients with what she has learnt abroad and ensures exercises are done precisely to obtain the best results.

You will find Kate’s classes dynamic, precise, challenging and fun!


Emily Greiser

Emily was trained on all Pilates apparatus in New York City in 2002 at the internationally recognised studio, Core Pilates NYC. Having worked with people who have various restrictions, injuries and fitness backgrounds, she brings a huge breadth of knowledge both in Pilates fitness and rehabilitation. Emily’s specialties extend from limitations such as pre and post natal women, inflexibility and poor balance, to medical conditions such as osteoporosis, neuromuscular diseases, arthritis and scoliosis.  She also enjoys working with the client who is looking to feel the Pilates burn and combat day to day deficiencies in the body.

movementLAB Pilates Instructor Kim West

Kimberly West

California-born, Kim began teaching Pilates 8 years ago in New York City. In 2016, she became a Master Instructor with Balanced Body and is qualified to certify new Pilates instructors worldwide. She has authored and taught education workshops to Pilates and yoga instructors in the USA and NZ. 

Kim's interest in the body and healing led her to the study of CranioSacral Therapy, a gentle form of bodywork that helps restore balance in the body. A dance artist for most of her life, Kim also holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. 

movementLAB Pilates Instructor Sarah Aydin

Sarah Aydin

Sarah began her own journey with Pilates after a back injury left her in chronic pain. Her recovery using the method, returned her to full strength and mobility and completely changed her perspective.
This led Sarah to become trained with Stott Pilates in Mat & Reformer to an advanced level. Sarah's passion is to help people become more aware of their bodies in day to day movement and see mobility as a long term journey.  She believes by tuning into what your body needs daily, you can tailor therapeutic movement or challenge and strengthen in a fun, controlled environment.

movementLAB Pilates Instructor Kerrie Mayo

Kerrie Mayo

Kerrie is trained in Mat Pilates and Total Barre Pilates. Kerrie attended Pilates classes for many years and realised the amazing benefits of Pilates through her own post injury rehabilitation. 

This led her to want to share the amazing benefits of Pilates with students of all abilities. 

Kerrie’s background of Ballet & Rhythmic Gymnastics gives her great insight into the movements of Pilates through a deep awareness of the body and muscles.